stc insiso people, improving individual talent through learning and development.

Improving individual talent through learning and development.

Do your personnel and organisational learning programmes truly develop your people for the role they perform?

Learn more about our People services.

Do your personnel and organisational learning programmes truly develop your people for the role they perform?

Do they give them what they need when they need it?

At STC INSISO we can design, create, and deliver learning programmes that move people development from a one-off event to a planned, ongoing, and sustainable process. 

We provide development opportunities for people in different stages of their career, available in a modular format including supervision & leadership, human factors, incident investigation, and behavioural safety.

Our team will work with you to develop the talent within your organisation, offering quality, impactful training, and support to deliver long-term learning support to maximise organisational benefit. 

the benefits

quality, relevant learning programmes

continuous support

boost productivity

improve efficiency

industry sectors

At STC INSISO the provision of high quality learning & development goes back to our very roots. We have a particular passion for developing high potential staff, our multi-accredited supervisory programmes and management academy are rolled out to valued customers in the following sectors:

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how we can help you...

Elevate Management Academy

STC INSISO provides bespoke, modular packages to promote cross-function communications and relationships for improved business results.

Attendees will gain a broader knowledge of what drives the business forward and will be better equipped to manage the key relationships that make a difference day to day.

The Elevate modules include:

Business and Money

Managing Self and Others

Projects and Change

Value and Markets

The Final Challenge

ECITB Accredited Training

Our Supervision Edge package includes the UK’s biggest ECITB accredited supervisor’s programme. Regular supporters include TAQA, Wood, Petrofac, Worley, One Subsea, STATS Group and AKER Solutions.

The ECITB has listened to employers' requests for training during the COVID-19 crisis and are now directly funding our supervisory training courses to support industry. Please contact us to find out more.

Our ECITB course offerings include:

Taking the lead (ECITB Module 1)

Achieving Performance (ECITB Module 2)

Sustaining Success (ECITB Module 3)

COMET Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

Means Business

IOSH Accredited Training

We offer a suite of IOSH accredited training designed to support organisations in key areas such as Safety Management and Incident Investigation.

These programmes will develop individuals and provide them with the nessacary skills either on behalf of their organisation or as individual HSE consultants.

The training packages include:

IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Incident Investigator’s Toolkit

IOSH Investigation Team Leader’s Toolkit

Custom Programmes

stc insiso deliver a unique range of specialist training courses designed to develop individuals and meet organisational demand with regards learning, development and talent management.

Examples of custom programmes include:

The Day From Hell - Interactive training designed to create as near-life an experience as possible, complete with role-play and mock police interviews.

Safety Leadership / Behavioural Safety - Challenging yet enjoyable workshop exploring the key fundamentals of safety leadership.

Please contact us if you or your organisation has a specific training need. We have capability and expertise to build bespoke packages against arange of disciplines.


Capture the effectiveness of your performance improvement programmes.

Too often we implement improvement programmes without evaluating the benefit being achieved. Do we know if a process is being used consistently? Have the principles of a behavioural change programme been embedded? Does our work in the field comply with standards?

Without a clear view of the answers to questions such as these, we will never realise the full benefit of performance improvement.

With MeasureApp, a visual dashboard brings insight into how processes are applied, how well knowledge is understood, how effective change has been, or howcompliant are activities.

Based upon a simple and configurable model of measurement, MeasureApp allows your organisation to capture observations and supporting evidence to get a clear view of performance.

Talent Management

We offer a range of products and services designed to develop the talent within organisations.

From career progression into managerial and leadership positions, building on skills and expertise in critical roles, to ongoing competency management and development.

Whether you require assistance on a single learning and development need, or a solution to implement your end-to-end talent management programmes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

let's look at a case study

The challenge was to deliver transformational supervisor training for the construction industry.

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