stc insiso technology, improving technology capability by building your software together

Improving technology capability by building your software together.

Are you looking to build outstanding digital products with a technology partner?

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Do your personnel and organisational learning programmes truly develop your people for the role they perform?

Do they give them what they need when they need it?

Our agile software development team will work closely with you to translate your business needs into a complete solution.

To round off our complete development approach, we provide a real-time issue tracking system for all our clients so that you can track progress, post feedback, and highlight any issues that need to be resolved based on real-time testing.

We believe that our clients should be able to input and witness their applications grow day by day, we work with you. To be able to give you a true example of what we are creating, we provide a set of live externally accessible instances of the application during the development process.

Our awareness of business process means we can define the best solution for any business requirement, and we are committed to ensuring that our innovations continuously exceed your expectations as we build technology together.

the benefits

enhance productivity &
operational efficiency

build intellectual property
& value

achieve business growth
& scale

integrated data integrity
& security

industry sectors

At STC INSISO we continue to build exceptional software for our clients keen to realise their own digital dreams.  Asset Integrity, Agricultural HSE, Beverage Automation, Crisis Management, Digital Twinning, and a host of Engineering applications have reached successful commercial exploitation with a range of clients in the following industries:

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how we help you improve...

Software Development

In order to deliver a fully qualified software development service, we adhere to key principles and processes to guarantee delivery of the highest quality and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Our software engineering process collects and translates business requirements into innovative technical solutions through custom software development.

We provide a full spectrum of development services, including core business applications and back-office IT solutions which help give our clients the competitive advantage.

UI/UX Design

User experience (UX) focuses on the user journey specifically with reference to what they need, what they value, their abilities, and their limitations. User interface (UI) focuses on the basic visual building blocks of the interface to facilitate the necessary user interactions. Essentially, UX is designing and fine-tuning the user experience while UI is implementing the brand identity, combining the two together creates a holistic user experience and allows the customer to visualise the application before it is brought to life.

Investment in effective UI/UX is a fundamental step in the development of any application, if you don’t get this part right, it could have a significant impact on the success of your product.

We take the customer on a journey to understand the conceptual idea first, then we evolve the idea into a UI/UX output using our designers. Flexibility is key at this stage as we create the right visualisation, design the optimum user experience, and build confidence in the final product.

Sharepoint Development

Maximise business process with full integration of SharePoint with all your business systems.

Our development team has a strong understanding of all aspects of SharePoint from database to web services, enabling them to produce custom applications specific to your business needs.

Our team of experienced SharePoint professionals can provide support for your SharePoint environment to guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs), from out of the box to complex customised installations, in order to:

Accelerate shared business processes

Effectively manage your information assets

Aid the decision making process by creating a centralised access to information

Share business information

Use a single integrated platform to manage you intranet, extranet and internet applications

Mobile Application

Mobile applications are transforming the way in which users interact with software services on a daily basis.  The right mobile application can become a valuable asset through enhancing the productivity of field-based staff or engaging with new and existing customers.

With the introduction of a mobile application you can run your business from your mobile device. Your customers can the check progress of their orders or your staff can work from anywhere by connecting to your enterprise systems, the possibilities are endless.

As a professional mobile application developer we have developed a core competency in delivering the best mobile user experience for our clients.

Our Mobile Strategy:


let's look at a case study

One of the major challenges faced by the Oil and Gas industry is the continuous development and maintenance of an online CMS, whereby the workforce requires to be deemed competent in High-Risk High Hazard Industries.

Find out how we helped our client, Namaka Compliance, with this issue.

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