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Leading With Purpose: Reflecting On 30 Years Delivering Training Excellence

February 29, 2024

Gain insights from STC INSISO's CEO and Head of Operations reflecting on three decades of experience delivering excellence in training and development.

In a candid conversation between Mark Rushton, CEO, and Craig Smith, Head of Operations, at STC INSISO, reflections on over three decades of experience reveal significant shifts in the landscape of learning and development.

Watch the video below;

Evolution of Learning and Development

Over the years, training approaches have undergone significant evolution, moving away from traditional, standardised formats to more personalised and targeted solutions. In the past, training often followed generic courses and one-size-fits-all programmes. However, with advancements in technology and changes in the business environment, we have learned that there is now a greater emphasis on understanding client needs and delivering tailored training solutions that address specific organisational challenges and objectives.

Highlights from the discussion include:

•Exploring shifts in traditional training methods towards more customised approaches.

•Emphasising the importance of aligning training programs with organisational and employee needs.

• Discuss strategies for effectively measuring the impact of training initiatives.

•Advocating for the creation of supportive environments to facilitate skill implementation.

•Stressing the significance of fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

•Exploring the concept of Human Organisational Performance (HOP) and its role in driving organisational effectiveness. Learn about COMET Resilience

•Highlighting our international accreditations, including ECITB, IOSH, and The Institute of Leadership.

•Discussing the role of COMET and AI to help us uncover insights from unstructured HSEQ data.

Factors Contributing to Training Effectiveness

Several factors contribute to the effectiveness of training programmes. These include alignment with organisational goals and values, customisation to meet the unique needs of participants, engaging and interactive delivery methods, clear learning objectives and outcomes, ongoing evaluation and feedback mechanisms, integration of real-world examples and practical exercises, supportive learning environments and resources, experienced and knowledgeable trainers, and accessibility and flexibility to accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences.

Importance of Tailoring Training Solutions

Tailoring training solutions to organisational needs is essential for ensuring relevance, effectiveness, and maximum impact. Generic training programmes may not address the specific challenges, processes, and objectives of a particular organisation. By customising training, organisations can align learning initiatives with their strategic goals, cultural values, and operational requirements. STC INSISO's tailored approach enhances engagement, retention, and application of knowledge, resulting in tangible improvements in individual and organisational performance.

Quality Assurance in Training Programs

STC INSISO ensures the quality of its training programmes through a rigorous process that includes collaboration with clients to understand their unique needs and objectives.

Our team of experienced and certified trainers brings expertise and real-world insights to every training programme and embraces innovative learning methodologies and technologies to enhance the training experience.

We have a track record of delivering measurable results and driving positive change for organisations across various industries, and we are proud to work with valued customers in the following sectors: oil and gas, rail, construction, marine, water, waste, automotive and engineering.

In conclusion, our journey towards transforming industries through innovation is just beginning. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to continuing to make a lasting impact together.

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