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Upgrade Your Leadership Skills with ECITB Supervisor Training (Online Course)

February 22, 2024

Individuals and organisations are invited to upgrade their leadership skills with our ECITB Supervisor Training Online Courses in March, April and May 2024.

3 mins

Effective supervision ensures smooth operations, maintains safety standards, and drives organisational success. At STC INSISO, we understand the essential role supervisors play in the dynamics of any organisation. That's why our leadership training experts at STC INSISO have redeveloped the Supervisor Training Programme in partnership with ECITB. This enhanced programme is designed to equip new and experienced supervisors with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles.

Our online ECITB Supervisor Training Course is a strategic investment in your professional growth and skill level across your organisation. With our modular format, participants have the flexibility to tailor their learning experience to suit their unique needs and schedules.

This programme consists of 3 short online modules, each lasting between three and five days. Learn more about each module below.


Upcoming Online ECITB Training Sessions: 

  • 11th-15th March 2024

In the first module of our ECITB Supervisor Training program, participants will explore the basics of effective leadership. They will also learn how to distinguish between supervising and leading. This module serves as a strong foundation for aspiring leaders seeking to become agile and impactful.

What can I expect from ECITB Supervisor Training (Module 1)?:
  • Learn about the difference between supervising and leading
  • Identify how to become an agile and situational-based leader
  • Describe effective communication in the work environment
  • Outline diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how supervisory responsibilities apply
  • Explain mental health considerations and how supervisory responsibilities apply
  • Describe the concept and meaning of Emotional Intelligence and how this can be effectively utilised within supervision
  • Outline how to motivate individuals and teams
  • Explain how to delegate effectively and the associated benefits
  • Detail the supervisor's legal responsibilities in the work environment
  • Explain the supervisor's commercial responsibilities


Upcoming Online ECITB Training Sessions: 

  • 16th -18th Apr 2024

Performance is the cornerstone of organisational success. In this module, participants learn how to drive performance, manage change, and mitigate risks effectively. From performance management techniques to incident prevention strategies, supervisors gain the tools needed to ensure operational excellence.

What can I expect from ECITB Supervisor Training (Module 2)?:
  • Describe effective performance management and associated techniques and methods for delivery
  • Describe how to use tailored written and verbal communication for delivery of messages
  • Explain the Management of Change in the work environment and what is required to achieve effective outcomes
  • Identify how teams change, develop and present challenges
  • Explain the term Human Factors and why this is relevant in the work environment
  • Describe the consequences of experiencing an incident/unplanned event and how to prevent these


Upcoming Online ECITB Training Sessions: 

  • 7th – 9th May 2024

Participants gain insights into project lifecycle management, budgeting, and quality assurance in the final module. Supervisors will enhance their project planning and execution skills to tackle the complexities of modern projects effectively.

What can I expect from ECITB Supervisor Training (Module 3)?:
  • Gain insights into the project lifecycle
  • Understand project planning and contracting
  • Manage project budgets effectively
  • Navigate management of change in a project setting
  • Ensure quality in project execution


Join other industry leaders who have benefited from our online ECITB Supervisor Training Course, including TAQA, Wood, Petrofac, Worley, One Subsea, STATS Group, AKER Solutions and many more. 

Contact us today to book our ECITB Supervisor Training Programme and take the first step towards upgrading the skills of your workforce and your business. 


Q. What is the purpose of the ECITB Supervising Training course? 

A. The ECITB Supervisor training course is a challenging programme for developing existing and potential supervisors. 

Q. Who is the ECITB Supervisor Training course for? 

A. The ECITB Supervisor Training Programme is designed for new and experienced supervisors/leaders and other first-line managers with little or no previous training. 

Those with temporary Supervisor duties (e.g. during periods of shutdown/outages) will also benefit. There are no prerequisites for individuals to attend Supervisor Training Modules. There are no prerequisites for individuals to attend our Supervisor Training Modules. 

Q. Can the ECITB Supervisor Training Course be used to upskill my workforce, or is it for professional individuals? 

A. Our Supervisor Training Programme is ideal for organisations seeking to upskill their workforce, contractors, and professionals looking to improve their supervisory and management skills to advance their careers or secure higher-level positions. Whether aiming for a promotion or enhancing existing roles, our program empowers individuals to succeed.

Q. What is the outcome of the ECITB Supervisor Training Course? 

A. By joining our programme, participants will not only receive an ECITB Certificate of Training but will also emerge as confident and competent leaders ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Q. Which modules are in the ECITB Supervisor Training Programme? 


  • ECITB Supervisor Training Module 1: Taking the Lead
  • ECITB Supervisor Training Module 2: Achieving Performance
  • ECITB Supervisor Training Module 3: Sustaining Success

Q. Do you need to complete the ECITB Supervisor Training course in a specific order? 

A. Each module in the ECITB Supervisor Training course is a standalone course which may be taken in any order, although Module 1 is recommended as the place to start. Each step is designed to give supervisors the leading edge.

Q. Is the Supervisor Training Programme suitable for both new and experienced supervisors?

A. Absolutely! Our program caters to supervisors at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Q. How long does it take to complete the entire training program?

A. Typically, the supervisor training programme consists of 3 short modules, each between three and five days in duration.

Q. Will participants receive a certification upon completion of the  ECITB Supervisor Training Course?

A. Yes, participants will receive the accredited ECITB Certificate of Training, recognised across industries worldwide.

Q. Are the ECITB Supervisor Training modules available online?

A. This block of courses is online; contact us to find out when we will be hosting the ECITB Supervisor Training in person. 

Q. Can organisations customise the training program to suit their specific needs?

A. Yes,  we understand that every organisation is unique, and we're happy to tailor our program to address specific challenges and objectives. Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Q. What other dates in will be available to book for future ECITB Supervisor Training courses in 2024?

A. Contact us to find out future dates we have planned for both online and in-person ECITB Supervisor Training Courses in 2024.

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