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stc insiso process, Improving processes, taking you from complexity to clarity

Improving processes, taking you from complexity to clarity.

Do your organisational processes work?

Are they fit-for-purpose, easy to use, and consistent?

Learn more about our Process section.

Do your personnel and organisational learning programmes truly develop your people for the role they perform?

Do they give them what they need when they need it?

Processes are often written with an audit in mind, rather than the day-to-day user. At STC INSISO, we want to ensure your employees feel involved, that they can see their role, and the way they work within the processes they complete every day.

Whether it’s project management, procurement, or financial management we have an approach to ensure that your processes are designed for clarity, rolled out effectively, and embedded for the long term. We call that methodology: Designed for Business.

We combine human factor principles, apply information design, and ensure the process is relevant to tasks. In turn this makes process materials engaging to use for everyone. 

the benefits

greater efficiency 

improved consistency 

uplift in morale

better financial performance

industry sectors

Our passion for process is design, simplification and roll-out has seen us successfully deliver new processes and process improvements that span: Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement HSE Operations, Talent Management. These projects have taken us to every corner of the world and provided invaluable experience in the following sectors:

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how we help you improve...

Process Healthcheck

Our Process Healthcheck is a methodical approach to reviewing an organisation’s process. We do this by exploring the significant variables in successful deployment to making it’s use a success. We explore eight distinct aspects of the creation, delivery and use of your process.

We do this by gathering…

quantitative input

access to your process related tangible materials, such as documentation, procedures, induction presentation, quick references, etc.

qualitative input

30minute structured conversations with personnelwho are involved in creating, deploying and usingthe process.

Designed for Business

STC INSISO has developed an innovative niche in the design and production of a wide range of business process solutions and associated training and roll-out.

The approach takes a ‘design’ view on the presentation, engagement, roll-out, training and communication around key business processes and initiatives in an organisation.

We look at the Visual Design.

We consider the Process Structure.

We help shape up Supporting Tools.

We define the Roll-out plan.

We create engaging Training experiences.

Organisational Processes

For any process to be effective, several key components have to addressed…

engaging: Users need to want to use the materials. The design needs to be aesthetically and professionally attractive.  It needs to draw people in to the level of detail that they need.

ease of use: Yet it shouldn’t be ‘design over substance’ - the materials should be intuitive, utilising ‘single-field-of-view’ and with concise wording and language aimed at the target audience.

clarity of roles: We need to ‘show me in this’ - users need to quickly understand what is expected of them within a process, and what tools they should use to complete their specific activities.

consistency & coverage: A key role of a well designed process is to create a consistent approach to work.  Therefore it needs to be designed to represent ‘work as it should be’ not ‘work as imagined’.  Yet it must also take account of any genuine exceptions to cover situations of ‘that won’t work here’. 

Embedding your Process

communicate: Give process and procedures gravitas - give them an identity which shows corporate backing, creates familiarity, and communicates a key message.  And promote that through a communications campaign.

accessibility: Understand how, where and when the target audience will use a procedure - does it need to be designed for ‘point-of-need’; does it need to be broken upon into parts; is it best accessed electronically ?

support: Plan for the life cycle of the process - launch it with simple and concise awareness training; provide more detailed training on specific aspects; and look to how you can provide support to those while using it, both in person and electronically.

evaluation: As a minimum, use and acceptance of the process or procedure needs to be reviewed.  This will uncover aspects which are difficult to implement, or unclear, or  identify suggestions for performance improvement.

let's look at a case study

We created an overarching identity for our clients process to raise awareness through various communication methods, making project delivery clear, accessible and fit-for-purpose.

How did we solve this for our client?

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