Leadership Training: Developing the emerging business leaders

February 20, 2023
The Challenge

To design and deliver a new development programme to support Stork’s community of managers and leaders to maximise their potential and prepare them for expanding opportunities in the business.

The Solution

A tailored management academy programme, The Diamond Management Development Academy, to boost strategic business understanding and skills.

The Results
  • Delivery of relevant best practice learning set in the context of the business
  • Driving proactivity with the creation of action lists
  • Collaborative learning using a cross-section of staff in each cohort.

“Academy learning has helped myself and others who have been through the programme to develop a greater understanding of business functions outwith our area of expertise. It creates a lot of light bulb moments and helps to establish a greater appreciation and understanding of different business functions and how they can relate to what you do on a day-to-day basis. The programme goes a long way to helping experts in individual fields, adapt to a more all rounded business way of thinking.”
Daniel Stephen
Learning and Development Advisor, Stork

Stork operates, maintains and modifies installations in oil & gas, chemicals, metals & mining, food & pharmaceuticals, rail & infrastructure, power & manufacturing. The company recognised the need to support their emerging business leaders to maximise their potential and prepare them for expanding opportunities in the business, but existing development programmes available to them such as MBAs felt too generic and not focused enough to be truly valuable.

The creation of the bespoke Diamond Management Development Academy built by STC INSISO allowed Stork to provide a focused programme delivering the core skills and knowledge applicable to the company ensuring learning was relevant. Topics built into the programme included Business and Money, Managing Self and Others, Project and Change Management and Values and Markets. This in-house approach to development also meant that company employees did not need to take extended time away from the business to attend external, generic training.

Each module within the custom-built programme contained best practice scenarios and real-life context using actual data from the business. The modules conclude with delegates creating a list of actions which could be implemented within their job role to make a difference to the organisation.

The design of the Diamond Management Development Academy programme also encouraged collaborative learning. By using a cross-section of personnel from across the business it ensures that best practice is shared widely and allows team members to develop an understanding of the importance of specific functions and adopt a greater appreciation towards them.

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