stc insiso automation, improving operational efficiency with digital applications.

Improving operational efficiency with digital applications.

Is your team's productivity being compromised due to disjointed processes and poor workflows?

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Do your personnel and organisational learning programmes truly develop your people for the role they perform?

Do they give them what they need when they need it?

We know that fragmented processes and manual workflows compromise the productivity and efficiency of organisations. We can help you automate your repetitive tasks and business processes by streamlining your work, and by working closely with our software development team, using intuitive software solutions and bespoke business applications.

It is important for us to work with you to embed end-to-end digital solutions, which also allows for 3rd party and external interface, meaning you save valuable time.  You also drive transparency, visibility, and enable data insights you never thought possible.  And this results in efficiencies.

the benefits

your processes

gain unseen insights

boost productivity

improve efficiency

industry sectors

As problem solvers we’ve set-about building straightforward software products that solve real challenges whilst avoiding the pitfalls associated with large complex systems that never seem to implement as they should.  From ERP to Supply chain Management we are proud to support businesses in the following sectors:

oil & gas








how we help you improve...

Our visitor induction app will provide your organisation with a simple to use, web based tool, to allow visits to be managed in a consistent and scalable manner.

Same message...everywhere: A common HSE message to all our visitors to any of our sites, globally.

Local essentials...within global expectations: The ability to make site specific HSE information accessible. place for everyone: Web based app, accessed through a single web address keeps it simple, and keeps data together.

Future proof: Built on an architecture supporting API, allows for interfacing with other current and future visitor data systems.

Already done: Visitors are able to complete 

the necessary induction actions prior to the visit, 
so that everyone can make a visit more productive.


Vendorse provides a complete cloud-based platform for organisations to effectively manage and risk assess their supply chain.

Vendorse achieves supply chain compliance by ensuring that suppliers complete the designated actions and abide by the latest policies and procedures at all times, whilst ensuring that their respective profiles are kept up to date.

Key features include:

• Supplier Onboarding

• Supplier Review

• Supplier Risk Assessment

• Supplier Action Tracking

• Company Configuration

• Supplier Categorisation

• Supplier Chain Policy Definition & Updates

• Company Branding

Think differently.
Think Centerpoint.

Sometimes the mention of that acroym, ‘ERP’ strikes fear into organisations who know they need to make a change. They will just get by using spreadsheets and there are numerous barriers to getting comfortable with the need to progress to an integrated platform.

Centerpoint is fully hosted and supported SAAS pricing is both realistic and fair, regardless of your size of geographical spread.

We help with on-boarding and master-class training is provided for your important admins and coaches.

Uniquely, Centerpoint comes with a clever implementation package that can be embedded in days not months and there are no expensive hidden modules; from the outset everything is included. 


Capture the effectiveness of your performance improvement programmes.

Too often we implement improvement programmes without evaluating the benefit being achieved. Do we know if a process is being used consistently? Have the principles of a behavioural change programme been embedded? Does our work in the field comply with standards?

Without a clear view of the answers to questions such as these, we will never realise the full benefit of performance improvement.

With MeasureApp, a visual dashboard brings insight into how processes are applied, how well knowledge is understood, how effective change has been, or howcompliant are activities.

Based upon a simple and configurable model of measurement, MeasureApp allows your organisation to capture observations and supporting evidence to get a clear view of performance.

let's look at a case study

We created a simple web app interface to replace a spreadsheet-based system used to identify HS&E requirements which enabled our client to create more time for effective HS&E activities.

Let's take a look at what we did.

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