stc insiso investigation, improving performance through root cause learning.

Improving performance through root cause learning.

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How powerful would it be to identify root causes before they become incidents or failures?

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Do your personnel and organisational learning programmes truly develop your people for the role they perform?

Do they give them what they need when they need it?

We understand why investigations tend to be viewed in a negative sense, however we have an alternative viewpoint.

Traditionally, investigations are triggered as a reaction to an unplanned event or failure to understand root causes and hopefully prevent reoccurrence.

This of course is the correct thing to do, however imagine applying the same root cause learning philosophy to your organisational proactive audit and assurance activities. The root causes that generate non-conformances, left untreated are the very root causes that at some point in time will cause your incidents. Put simply a non-conformance is an incident without consequence.

Our flagship and trusted investigation and root cause analysis solution COMET is growing in popularity not simply because it is best in class at traditional reactive investigations but because it now provides users with the ability to pivot into the world of proactive investigations.

the benefits

enhanced safety

increased efficiency

predictive analytics

consistent proactive
& reactive root cause learning

industry sectors

COMET drives our incident prevention capability and is proud to be deployed across the world in the following sectors:

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how we help you improve...

COMET Methodology

COMET is a next generation Investigation & Root Cause Analysis toolkit to accelerate performance improvement.

Traditional root cause analysis tends to divert effort to analysis based on less than rigorous investigation, resulting in uncoordinated or skewed preventive actions.

The COMET process is unique. It recognises that emphasis on the ‘Discover’ phase of event investigation generates high quality input data and gives you a solid foundation for making sound decisions for future prevention.

COMET’s approach leads to real root causes being revealed and confident decisions being made about future preventive actions.

COMET Investigation Training

As a COMET user, you will have access to our package of customisable training options, designed to provide you with the tools to perform a thorough and robust investigation, establish root causes and identify improvements that prevent repeated failures.

For more information on Investigation training visit:

COMET Root App

COMET Root App brings a digital dimension to your incident investigations and root cause analysis.

Using the COMET methodology, the app allows you to capture, track and measure all aspects of an incident investigation online.

For more information on COMET Root App visit:

COMET Assured

Moving the assurance dial from the what to the why!

Ground breaking audit and inspection analysis model that delivers root causes for priority findings.

COMET Assured is STC INSISO’s unique methodology for conducting assurance activities; applying COMET’s Root Cause Analysis process to understand why compliance or conformance is not always achieved.

The only mainstream online system to incorporate RCA, COMET Assured facilitates the analysis of your proactive findings, as well as marrying these up with your reactive data from incident investigations.

All in one place...COMET.

COMET Signals

Pairing data science with Root Cause Analysis, our Signals software scans your structured and unstructured safety data pool.

It delivers clear, immediate and essential information points to alert you to actions to prevent future safety incidents.

Signals allows you to:

Identify topics occurring within unstructured data

Find correlations between topics and known root causes

Find correlations between topics and geo-locations

Predict strength of existence of latent root causes

Gain insight into common themes

let's look at a case study

We were asked by our client to perform a technical review of drill pipe failure using our flagship incident investigation and root cause analysis tool COMET.

How did COMET help and what did it identify as being the issue?

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