Software Development

Our software engineering process collects your business requirements and translates them into innovative technical solutions through custom software development.

We provide core business applications that will give you the competitive advantage.

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Let's build
software together.

We focus on modern design, enhanced user experience, and high-quality development.

Analyse and Plan

Analyse & Plan

Working with you to understand what your needs are and how we can build it.

Design & Prototype

Design & Prototype

We design high fidelity working prototypes that allow the client to visualise the style and workflow.

Develop & test

Develop & Test

Our development cycle kicks off,  including QA, testing & weekly meetings to review progress.

Deploy & Maintain

Deploy & Maintain

On completion of UAT we deploy your software and continue to support after launch.

At stc insiso, we pride ourselves in our approach to client relations. We believe that it is essential for the client to feel they are getting a personal service, adhering to key principles and processes to guarantee delivery of the highest quality.

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