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Streamline your workflow with Power Virtual Agents

Ravi Kumar, our Product Application Manager, discusses how using Power Virtual Agents and Power BI can enhance your workflow.

5 mins

We would like to highlight another member of the PowerUp family, Power Virtual Agents, and discuss how combining the business process software tool with Power BI can streamline your business workflow.


What is Power Virtual Agents?


Part of the Microsoft Power Platform suite, Power Virtual Agents allows you to create strong AI-powered chatbots for a range of requests suited to your business needs — from providing simple answers to frequent questions to resolving issues that require complex conversations. It enables you to engage with customers and employees in various languages across websites, mobile apps, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, or any channel supported by the Azure Bot Framework.​

Power Virtual Agents help bot

The different types of Power Virtual Agents


Power Virtual Agents is available as an independent website application and a distinct tool within Microsoft Teams. Most of the functionality is the same for each type. However, the one you choose is based on how you want to use Power Virtual Agents in your business.


The advantages of Power Virtual Agents


In the workplace there are many advantages to using Power Virtual Agents.


The business process software tool increases efficiency by allowing you to simply build intelligent chatbots.


The software can be scaled securely with amalgamation. You can set up bots securely using core administration, pre-installed security actions, and straightforward management across all areas to maintain conformity and control.


Power Virtual Agents allows you to improve your bots overtime, automatically monitor crucial KPIs and identify future bot topics. Additionally, the tool provides AI natural language processing training to continuously enhance your bots.


You can also create AI bots that carry out actions using Power Automate while combining with data sources using multiple ready-made Connectors such as Power BI. This in turn will make the agent more powerful.


Power Virtual Agent and Power BI


Power Virtual Agents can be integrated with Power BI to collect your required data from the back end, and respond via text or rich multimedia formats, including images, graphs, pie-charts, etc. You no longer need to manually filter dashboards to get the data required. The data can be simply requested, and the bot will draw it from the back end.


Power BI chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to produce results based on your intent and the identified entities and does not limit itself to keywords.


Power Virtual Agent and Power Automate


You can use these tools either separately to solve unique challenges or integrate and leverage them together to accomplish a shared goal.


The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) capabilities of Power Automate enable it to create a flow between the Power Virtual Agent and the back-end systems. You can design flows where, based on the request, the chatbot can trigger an action in the needed back-end application.


This combination can solve several common problems enterprises are facing today.


Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate synergistically produce an end-to-end automation that can automatically perform complex operations through natural language commands.


Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents complement each other’s functionality. By integrating the tools, you can enable end-to-end automation of processes, streamline workflows, improve agent productivity, improve ROI from your legacy systems and more!


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