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STC INSISO are Proud Sponsors of the Inform Prize

STC INSISO are Gold Sponsors of the Inform Prize, a collaboration between Intelligent Plant and the University of Aberdeen, which is taking place on September 28th at the OGV Podium.

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We are delighted to announce that we are Gold Sponsors of the Inform Prize which is taking place at the OGV Podium on September 28th from 1pm.

Launched in 2014 by local Aberdeen business Intelligent Plant, the Inform Prize aims to encourage Computer Science students at the University of Aberdeen to think about how they might communicate their ideas and research findings to local employers. In turn, this helps to promote interaction between industry and academia.

For their third-year project, students are initially tasked with creating a digital solution to a real-life problem. During the final stages of their projects, students are asked to present their idea to a panel of judges, give a demonstration of the product in action, and take part in a Q&A session before the judges go on to decide who the winners are. There are three categories up for grabs on the night, all of which tie into Intelligent Plant’s ethos of inform, enhance and grow. The categories are as follows: Best Presentation (inform), Best Implementation (enhance)and Best Idea (grow) – with category winners receiving a trophy and an £800 cash prize. The Inform Prize provides students the chance to showcase their skills to industry experts and gain an understanding of what employers are looking for in their graduate candidates and what challenges they are facing.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Arrash Nekonam, said of the importance of sponsoring an event like this: “Creativity and innovation are at the heart of our values here at STC INSISO, so naturally we jumped at the opportunity to sponsor an event which encourages students to unlock their potential and realise the real-world impact of their solutions. It is also a great opportunity to network and make connections with the next generation of technical talent who we may get the chance to collaborate with in the future!”

To attend, register for free here.


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