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STC INSISO announces two contract wins to deliver supply chain management software

August 25, 2023

STC INSISO announces two SaaS contract wins to deliver its digital supply chain management product.

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Aberdeen-headquartered, STC INSISO has announced two SaaS (software as a service) contract wins to deliver its digital supply chain management product. Vendorse will be delivered over the next three years to ICR, and global oil and gas service company, Coretrax, with the deals totalling approximately £200k.

Vendorse is a complete cloud-based platform for organisations to effectively manage and risk assess their supply chain.  

Arrash Nekonam, Chief Technology Officer at STC INSISO, said “We are delighted to have two new clients in ICR and Coretrax.

“It has been gratifying to assist in the onboarding of our new customers with an end-to-end service which has included preloading the Vendorse system with existing supplier information and working closely with their stakeholders to configure the platform as they envisaged.

“The process has also involved assisting with the mass communication to the clients’ existing supplier community as well as effectively onboarding them to Vendorse. This reduces the administrative burden on our clients which would normally be expected when implementing a new software system.”

Louise Donald, Senior Buyer at Coretrax, explained: "We chose to use Vendorse to amalgamate all our suppliers from all corners of the world into one system that can be accessed any time of day in all regions, providing a more coherent approved vendor list that is always up to date."

Until now, Vendorse has been STC INSISO’s stand-alone supply chain management software, however, it will soon be renamed ‘COMET Supply Chain’ as part of the company’s efforts to streamline its product and service offering.

COMET is STC INSISO’s flagship which now comprises a suite of seven risk and assurance tools.  

In addition to owning a suite of software products which are widely utilised in industries including energy, rail, construction, technology, and utilities, STC INSISO also build and develop bespoke digital products.

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