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STC INSISO announces technology development partnership with Peterson Energy Logistics

July 17, 2023

STC INSISO has formed a technology partnership with logistics company Peterson Energy Logistics.

Aberdeen-headquartered, STC INSISO has announced a technology partnership with international logistics and supply chain company, Peterson Energy Logistics. The scope of work for the software experts at STC INSISO throughout the contract, will primarily assist Peterson Energy Logistics with the next phase of development for their logistics technology, Lighthouse.

Developed by Peterson Energy Logistics, Lighthouse is a suite of integrated applications for the logistics market. Built on decades of industry experience, Lighthouse provides digital assurance and visibility to clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the cargo demand process. As a leading provider of risk control and assurance software and services, STC INSISO will develop the applications that form part of the Lighthouse suite and the architecture of the software.

Jaye Deighton, Projects and Innovation Director at Peterson Energy Logistics said: “We look forward to working with STC INSISO and utilising the team’s expertise and proven track record in improving operational efficiency through the development of digital applications. This new partnership will support the evolution and continual improvement of Lighthouse, ensuring the application remains ready to support our clients as we move together through the energy transition and beyond into a greener, more sustainable future.”

STC INSISO’s Chief Technology Officer, Arrash Nekonam, said “We are excited to be working with Peterson on these large-scale technology projects as it aligns perfectly with the direction of our business.  We have worked with Peterson in the past, but this new partnership agreement is a hugely positive step where Peterson will now be utilising several of the products and services that we have to offer.

“Despite the close proximity of STCINSISO and Peterson’s Aberdeen offices, together we look forward to delivering solutions to stakeholders globally.”

STC INSISO’s range of software solutions are designed to help businesses overcome common obstacles.  In addition to building and developing bespoke digital products for businesses, STC INSISO owns a suite of SaaS products which are widely utilised in industries including energy, rail, construction, technology and utilities.

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