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Software Developer Q&A: Ravi Kumar

Principal Software Developer, Ravi Kumar, shares details of how he got to where he is today.



Ravi Kumar


Principal Software Developer / SharePoint Architect

Favourite quotes

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" – Mahatma Gandhi

"Peace begins with a smile" – Mother Teresa

Top 3 favourite podcasts/books/films/TV shows

Bible Project (Podcast), The Joe Rogan Experience (Podcast)

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse (it’s a kids book but worth a read)

The Blue Planet and The Year Earth Changed (TV Shows)

What do you do at STC INSISO?

My work at STC INSISO predominantly revolves around coding, supporting existing clients and most importantly, keeping them happy.


What experience did you have to get this job?

I did not have any previous experience in programming prior to joining Insiso (before its merge with STC Global). My past experience was in hotel management and customer service.


What do you like about working at STC INSISO?

Everyone in this company shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other. Also, there is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals, all revolving around helping the clients to achieve their needs.


What’s your background?

I did my undergraduate in B.Sc. Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Software Technology. My first ever job was a dish washer (a.k.a kitchen porter), then I worked my way up to become a restaurant manager. I also worked in retail as a sales assistant (selling beds and mattresses) and customer service coordinator, before becoming a desktop engineer and now I am a software developer!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

 Anything to do with photography, hill walking, and also helping people who need a second pair of hands.


What advice would you give to aspiring software developers?

Be passionate about your role and have the willingness to learn. Keep practising, because practice makes perfect. Try and learn the language of the country that you are working in but also, don't just stop there... learn as many languages as you can, as having a niche skillset can limit future career prospects. Try to focus on the user's needs, as this is going to be the most crucial part of your development when you start building commercial software. Finally, try to become an adaptable problem-solver, as this will make you a valuable member of your team and more confident in your decisions.

HWPO (Hard Work Pays Off)!

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