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Root Cause Learning from Audits & Inspections Webinar

Join our free webinar on the 16th of June, 2:30pm - 3:30pm


Root Cause Analysis (RCA) techniques have been used extensively in incident investigation, financial management, equipment and technical failure, production loss & healthcare for many years, with great success.

But even though well-established, open-source, RCA systems are available for use, many companies don’t utilise RCA techniques to understand ‘dormant’ root causes that lurk within non-conformances, resulting from audits and inspections.

Could this be the missing link that can result in real learning, especially if used alongside RCA outcomes from incidents and loss events? 

This latest in our series of webinars discusses this concept in greater detail, leaning on the experiences of industry experts and seasoned auditors.

If you are involved in leading and/or delivering audit programmes, are seeking to go ‘beyond compliance’ to realise improved performance, or simply intrigued to know how RCA can enrich organisational learning, then this webinar is for you. It’s 60 minutes of your life that you will get back!

This webinar will present an opportunity to discuss the use of RCA techniques on findings from audits and inspections, and whether it’s possible to move from the ‘what’ to the ‘why’, by considering the following key questions: 

  • What are the challenges with traditional approaches to understanding why conformity is just out of reach?
  • What KPIs are used to measure the success of audit programmes?
  • Is RCA an effective method of diagnosing compliance gaps before they result in harm?
  • Is there a relationship between reactive and proactive causation?
  • Can you achieve greater organisational uplift by applying a more holistic approach to root cause learning?

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