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PowerUp your business: How our software can enhance your digital transformation strategy

Ravi Kumar, our Product Application Manager, discusses the importance of the Power Platform suite and how PowerUp can improve your business performance.

5 mins

Microsoft Power Platform provides low-code/no-code, bespoke, business process software development, workflow, and business BI tools to end users. These capabilities can enable you to develop your own business apps, build and design reports, create automations and integrations, build your own AI chatbots and even create your own low-code business website. But how can PowerUp enhance your digital transformation strategy?

To answer this question, you first need to get to know the Power Platform family: Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages.

Power Apps

Power Apps is a low-code development platform that allows you to build business applications for mobile, web or portal. ​It can help you build custom apps in hours — not months — that connect to your existing data and systems to solve problems faster, improving business efficiency. You can use its templates, drag and drop functionality or custom code to build pixel perfect, simple to mission critical web and mobile applications. It is a full featured, end-to-end platform built for citizen and professional developers, with IT in control. Power Apps allows you to leverage the Common Data Service with pre-built AI models in AI Builder and unlock innovation faster across your organisation. 

Power Apps estimator pro

Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualise your data and share insights across your organisation or embed them in your app or website. ​It helps you gain insights from your data, regardless of where it is stored. It can connect to all your data and get a consolidated view across your business through a single pane of glass. It allows you to create ad-hoc analysis, live dashboards and interactive reports that are easy to consume on the web and mobile devices. Power BI helps you build smart apps by infusing insights from your data and drive action with the Power Platform’s capabilities.

Power BI dashboard

Power Automate

Power Automate is a business improvement software tool that allows users to create automated workflows between various apps and services. It ​helps you integrate your business processes and can automate and model business processes across your apps and services – from simple automations to advanced scenarios with branches, loops, and more. With this software tool you can trigger actions, grant approvals, and receive notifications. Power Automate enables you to automate your legacy, on-premise and cloud-based applications and services.

Power Automate workflow

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents lets you create powerful AI-powered chatbots for a range of requests tailored to your business needs — from providing simple answers to frequent questions to resolving issues that require complex conversations. It enables you to engage with customers and employees in multiple languages across websites, mobile apps, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, or any channel supported by the Azure Bot Framework.​

Power Virtual Agents help bot

Power Pages

With the help of Microsoft Power Pages, we can now quickly create secure, low-code business websites. Power Pages gives us the ability to provide clients with restricted access to the Power Platform data in a secure manner without the upfront costs of building a website. Companies can now create engaging content more easily and swiftly. Power Pages makes it easier for organisations to rapidly create and manage beautiful and highly customisable websites without technical expertise from IT.

Power Pages website demo


So, now that you have become acquainted with the Power Platform family, how can PowerUp enhance your digital transformation strategy?

PowerUp is the umbrella that covers each member of the Power Platform suite. It utilises each business process improvement software tool to enhance your digital transformation strategy by making it more streamlined throughout. Using PowerUp we can provide you an exceptional fully integrated service in a more time and cost-effective process. We will take you through the entire business process software from A to Z, ensuring your business is fully equipped with the appropriate tools required to carry out your operations in a seamless, effective manner.

We have a methodology that goes from understanding your needs through to deployment.

We have a governance approach which means that our end solution is fully trusted and secure.

We have expertise in not only Power Platform but also SharePoint and wider website and mobile app development.

We apply a design philosophy which takes into consideration how end users will use the apps and outputs.

We have skills in integration which allows us to make connections to your diverse data sources in other systems.

We offer training in both the technology and end solutions.

We can automate your workflows to provide consistency and time saving.

We integrate your data and documentation to provide a single truth of data and information.

We achieve data insights and show your data as you have never seen it before, by being able to quickly visualise trends and help make better decisions.

With PowerUp, we can take you from Complexity to Clarity.

Microsoft Power Platform suite of products

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