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Craig Smith speaks about our customised learning and development programme: the topics it covers, how it is delivered, and all the other information you need to know.

3 mins

STC INSISO’s elevate™ Management Academy is a customised learning and development programme for personnel moving into more strategic business management roles across various business functions and regions. elevate™ is tailored to meet the needs of individual organisations - our training and software development specialists piece together your brand guidelines, data, and challenges to truly reflect your business strategy.

As individuals progress from managing purely technical activities, to managing a broader range of functions, there are multiple skills and tools required to make the transition to seeing things from a business and strategic perspective, and to make decisions which are right for the business as a whole.

Our courses are perfect for Engineering Managers, HR Managers, Finance Managers, QHSE Managers, Regional Managers, and many otherswho could potentially have leading roles within the business in future.

We have a track record of delivering customised elevate™ programmes to a diverse range of organisations, equipping staff with the necessary tools to ensure their transition into their new role is seamless. With cohorts of 12 delegates drawn from various functions within your business, the programme comprises four modules that are based upon real situations and finishes with a group challenge and graduation.  The module topics are ‘Business and Money’, ‘Managing Self and Others’, ‘Projects and Change’, ‘Value and Markets’ and lastly ‘The Challenge’.

The elevate™ programme can be configured for physical or virtual delivery to accommodate delegates internationally without the need for travel. Our experienced facilitators deliver the course in a highly interactive style, whether in-person or virtually, to encourage collaboration amongst those participating.  Depending on the mode of delivery which best suits your business, the entire programme is typically completed between 4-10 weeks.

elevate management academy

STC INSISO has delivered more than 20 management programmes over the past five years and one of the businesses we have successfully worked with is Sparrows. The company’s Human Resources Director, Laura Lee graduated from the Management Academy back in 2014 and continues to be an advocate of the programme for her colleagues.

Laura said: “The Academy provided me with a range of knowledge and practical tools in order to further my learning, hone my leadership skills and have a solid understanding of P&L and strategic thinking. We have a number of ex delegates of the 2014 Management Academy still with Sparrows today, who have applied their learnings from this course into their daily roles within the business.

On course delivery methods:

“When we previously ran the academy, it was run in-person which worked really well in terms of internal networking with colleagues from all over the globe. I did have reservations about running the course remotely in a virtual environment during the pandemic, but it worked incredibly well; the technology that STC INSISO use to ensure the breakout sessions work well is excellent. It remained interactive and all delegates were engaged throughout the course.

On the trainers and course content:

“The trainers are excellent; they are engaging and know their subjects inside out. They also know our organisation well which means they can pitch the material at the correct level and make it relevant to our business, ensuring the delegates get as much out of the course as possible.

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