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Global Diversity Awareness Month at STC INSISO

October was Global Diversity Awareness Month, where we celebrated our people and culture through various internal and external activities such as games, quizzes, and more!

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Where in the world?

To kick-off Global Diversity Awareness Month, we showcased ‘where in the world’ our team members come from. Many of us are born and raised in the Granite City of Aberdeen, but some are from all over the globe – across Scotland, England, Europe and Asia. As you can see, our workforce is made up of talented individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Guessing game competition

Our team took part in a guessing game competition, where everyone submitted a photo of themselves as a baby or toddler and had to guess who’s who.The person with the most correct guesses won. The photos were numbered and put up in the office and an answer sheet was handed out and shared on teams for those away or who work remotely. It was great fun for all involved.

Special moments

To celebrate our unique milestones, the team each shared a photo of a special moment in their respective lives such as a graduation, marriage proposal, birth of children, climbing Mount Everest, community project or sporting event win to name a few. These were put on display in the office and shared virtually for those on holiday or working remotely. It was great to see such cherished memories.

Diversity quiz

Our team took part in a diversity quiz which included questions focused on the topic of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and throughout. The questions were very thought-provoking, especially important topics such as equal pay, marriage and cultural traditions. Overall, the quiz was very insightful and everyone enjoyed it.

Q&A with our equality, diversity and inclusion lead

Specialist Learning and Development Partner, Nikki Wyatt, is our company’s lead for all things ED&I. She researches, designs, develops and delivers content for workshops covering these subjects. In our latest Instagram post, she discusses her role within the company and the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Read the full Q&A here:

Inspirational quotes

Every Monday during October a diversity quote was shared with our team to inspire them. We are proud to have such an incredible, diverse, and unique team which shares the same vision for our company.


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