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Getting High Potential Corporate Learning Right Webinar 19th of April, 2:30pm - 3:30pm

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3 mins

Learning & Development when it’s at its best is the perfect balance between personal development and sustained organisational improvement.  

It should be a partnership between the delegate and the business, delivering value to both to justify the time & investment made by all concerned, and encouraging both retention & career development. This is particularly relevant as high potential people move from managing purely technical activities to managing whole business functions.

There are a raft of skills & tools required to make the transition to seeing things from a strategic business perspective, making the decisions that are right for the business as a whole. To make this learning work in a classroom or more recently virtual classroom, real data and scenarios are needed.  They bring to life what good tools can reveal and unlock lasting value for the business.

Engineering Managers, HR Managers, Finance Managers, QHSE Managers, Regional Managers, and many more fall into this category of those who lead the business of the future.

This webinar will explore the building blocks of an effective corporate learning programme, answering the following key questions:

·      How do I sell the benefits to my business?

·      What do I need to make it fit my business?

·      How do I get 100% buy in from ALL delegates?

·      What is ‘enough time’ in the classroom or virtual classroom?

·      Is there a delivery methodology that particularly suits learning like this?

·      What ROI KPI’s can I look for?

A real case study will be used during the webinar to illustrate results, and those attending will be given practical guidance on how to structure future programmes themselves.

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