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Create simple, secure websites for your business with Power Pages

Ravi Kumar, our Product Application Manager, discusses Power Pages’ user-friendly capabilities.

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Last, but certainly not least we would like to introduce you to the fifth member of the PowerUp family, Power Pages, and discuss how the business process software’s user-friendly capabilities can help you improve your business performance.


What is Power Pages?


Microsoft Power Pages is a powerful tool that can help businesses streamline their operations. The software provides a central location for managing all of your business' web content including pages, posts, files, and images. Power Pages makes it easy to keep track of your business' web presence and make changes simultaneously. The software also includes built-in analytics that help you monitor your website's performance and understand your audience better.

Power Pages website preview

How does Power Pages work?


Formerly, Power Pages was part of the Power Apps Portals. The new cloud-based service allows businesses to create and manage their websites using Microsoft Azure. Power Pages is designed to work with the Azure Active Directory, so businesses can easily manage user access and control who can edit or view their website.


To use Power Pages, businesses first need to create an Azure account and set up a Power Page site. Once the site is created, they can then add pages, content, and features as needed. Businesses can also use Power Pages to manage their domain name and hosting plan.


Power Pages includes a number of features that make it easy to create and manage a website. This includes:


· A drag-and-drop page builder that makes it easy to add content and layout pages.


· A library of pre-built blocks that can be used to add content quickly and easily.


· A rich text editor for creating and editing content.


· The ability to preview changes before publishing them live.


· Support for integrating with other Azure services such as Storage, SQL Database and App Service.


Microsoft recently highlighted companies that have started to fully embark on Power Pages and created websites for their business from top to bottom.


The advantages of Power Pages


One of the main advantages of Power Pages is the breadth of the functionality and low code offerings Microsoft provides the user. Now that Power Pages is a standalone SaaS (Software as a Service) tool under the Power Platform umbrella, the software extends further than Portals’ former capabilities to help organisations of all sizes securely build websites with advanced features for customisation, such as the Design Studio, Template Hub and Learn Hub.


The Design Studio makes it easy to design, configure, and publish effective business websites. You can create your own or use one of the readymade templates to design your website pages.


The Templates Hub hosts full-featured websites with demo data, so you can start instantly managing schedules, registration, application submissions, and more.


With the Learn Hub, you have access to guides, tutorials, and quick videos to learn how to build websites, model and visualise business data and work with code components.


The software also improves business efficiency by making it a lot easier for administrators to carry out their processes, with a high level of security using Azure’s automatic encryption when logging in to accounts.


Power Pages and Power BI


Power BI allows you to access visually captivating and interactive insights from your data. Power Pages can be incorporated with Power BI to view components like reports, dashboards, and tiles. You can also use its embed feature to unveil data that sits outside of the Dataverse.


Power Pages and Power Automate


Power Automate makes creating automated workflows less complicated by helping you integrate your business processes and automate and model these across your apps and services – from simple automations to advanced scenarios with branches, loops, and more. With this software tool you can trigger actions, grant approvals, and receive notifications.


With Power Pages, you can use Power Automate for plug-ins, workflows, automated cloud flows, or to increase business logic and interact with data and events coming in and out of the Dataverse.


New features for 2023


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog series on one of our latest developments, PowerUp. We hope you have enjoyed learning about the business process software and how it can help enhance your business.  


Stay tuned for more in the new year as we will discuss all the new features being released by Microsoft soon.

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