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Contract extension to carry out health and safety checks for Peel Ports

After successfully completing health checks at all of Peel Ports’ UK container terminals, our contract has been extended to also include health checks at non-container ports.

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Our contract has been extended with one of the largest port groups in the UK, Peel Ports. The extension follows the successful completion of the original scope of work which included health and safety health checks of all of Peel Ports’ container terminals in the UK.

The contract extension, bringing the overall value to £200k, will see the scope of work expanded to include health checks of all of Peel Ports’ non-container ports within the UK.

The Health Checks include a thorough review of Peel Ports’ approach to health and safety at each of their ports, centring around in-depth interviews with personnel across all levels of the business. It’s estimated that more than 350 interviews will have been conducted once the project is completed.

In addition, our team will also review key policies to ensure they align with the work being carried out, and physically observe and assess the activity at the individual ports.

Peel Ports are the leading health and safety performer in the UK port sector, built on the firm foundations of their EHS 365 improvement programme and an aspiration to be even better.  Looking externally and benchmarking against the very best is a deliberate strategy in their pursuit of this aspiration.

Peel Ports have already begun implementing the recommendations from the health checks we conducted across the container terminals, which include rolling out a 2-day modular training programme for H&S leadership, and supervisory competency development to 100 of the team based at the Liverpool port.

Steve Holmes, Chief Performance Officer at STC INSISO, said “After successfully carrying out health checks for Peel Ports’ container terminals, we are excited to get started on this next phase of the project. We approach this kind of project by examining the challenges and opportunities placed on a company through industry regulations and the scope of work they are delivering, the components of the safety management system and how effective they are, and what arrangements are in place to support the safe delivery of work.”

“The results of the health check are a range of findings that our team will draw conclusions on where to focus spend, time and energy, which they will present to Peel Ports.  This approach very much supports the company’s commitment to having the very highest standards of health and safety across their entire business.”

Peel Ports Group EHS Director, Chris Ingham, said “The progress made across the group in terms of Health and Safety performance has been significant, we however wanted to utilise STC INSISO as an independent organisation in assessing where the business has got to and what more it can do to achieve its aim of Zero Harm. Investing in training for our people through the STC INSISO delivered ‘Supervision’ course will ensure we remain focussed on delivering continued improvements in our safety culture and help us deliver our ambitions”.


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