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Automate Your Business: How we Can Improve Your Business

Ravi Kumar, our Product Application Manager, discusses how we can use Power Automate to heighten your business performance.

4 mins

We would like to introduce you to another member of the PowerUp family, Power Automate, and discuss how we can use the business process software to enhance your business performance.  


What is Power Automate?


Power Automate, part of the Microsoft Power Platform suite, is a business improvement software tool that allows users to create automated workflows between various apps and services. It ​helps you integrate your business processes and can automate and model these across your apps and services – from simple automations to advanced scenarios with branches, loops, and more. With this software tool you can trigger actions, grant approvals, and receive notifications. Power Automate enables you to automate your legacy, on-premise and cloud-based applications and services.

Power Automate workflow

How does Power Automate work?


Using Power Automate, if you have an existing Application Programming Interface (API) in your environment, we can easily extract your data with or without Power Apps. It is only necessary if you need to create an app. Most companies can use it as they will usually have an API already installed. Either way, we can leverage your data in these areas using both process business software.


What data can be retrieved using Power Automate?

You might not be aware that many of our projects are API. Anyone can use API if you have a login to access it. However, there are APIs that are specifically for public use where you can tap into it and extract the data across. In this scenario, we can carry this out for your business using Power Automate.


Power Automate is quite a powerful application as the data can be sourced from many different areas due to Power Automate Connectors.


Power Automate Connectors


Using Power Automate Connectors, supplied by an Aberdeen-based software engineering company, we can use an API to communicate with Power Automate and process and store your data. This will allow you to connect your accounts and control a set of ready-made measures and activations to create your apps and workflows.


Power Automate and PowerUp


Internally, Power Automate comes under the Power Platform umbrella ‘PowerUp’, where we can provide you a fully integrated service and go through the entire business process software with you from A to Z. This ensures your organisation is fully equipped with the appropriate tools required to carry out your operations in a seamless, effective manner. With PowerUp, we can take you from complexity to clarity.

Microsoft Power Platform suite of products

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