Software Development: STC INSISO support EBar, the self-service bar

February 20, 2023
The Challenge

Having identified a significant gap in the market the Innovators at EBar set about planning to transform the bar experience at events by providing a quick and simple way to buy a drink.

The idea brings automation to event bars, with drinks dispensed by a mobile self-service Kiosk similar to the check in and check-out technology in use at airports and supermarkets.

EBar created the kiosk and the concept of the self-serve bar and partnered with STC Insiso to develop the user interface (UI) and allow a first time user to simply and easily operate the EBar kiosk.

EBar automated kiosks
The Solution

STC INSISO worked alongside EBar’s in-house engineers to deliver a solution that interfaced with the mechanical systems in their automated bar. STC INSISO ensured that the platform could be configured and branded for each event and product type.

Utilising digital automation, contactless payment and unique pouring technology, customers can order, pay and receive two drinks in less than 30 seconds. The simple payment method was developed allowing customers to pay by contactless and scan a QR code on the screen for their receipt.

The software was developed further when STC INSISO created a cloud-based management system, which allows EBar to configure and retrieve data directly from the kiosks to a dashboard, enabling them to keep track of the number of pints sold, the sales total and keg yields which can be easily shared with venue staff.

The Results

EBar changes the way the world is served by bringing automation to event bars, and the concept has been well received by both customers and investors.

EBar kiosks have been deployed at top flight racing, football and music venues and have served many thousands of pints. The company has a very busy event schedule and has attracted significant international interest.

The next step for EBar is to further develop their self-serve bar internationally. EBar and STC INSISO continue to work together on developments and realise the benefits IoT can bring to their game-changing kiosk which is widely recognised as having global potential.

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