Software Development: Bespoke platform created for Inverroy Crisis Management

February 20, 2023
The Challenge

Inverroy Crisis Management, who deliver resilience solutions across various sectors globally, found a gap in the market for bespoke, online plans. Any existing plans were compiled by consultants or a combination of client and consultant, with all of that knowledge and understanding disappearing once the project was complete.

Inverroy required a system which allowed their clients to create their own Business Resilience plans, and so retain that vital knowledge and expertise in house.

They required assistance to build this platform, including all the necessary features and tools, without the need to hire a developer as staff within their company.

The Solution

A new platform called Inverroy Digital. This was intended to be a simple platform, whereby the client answers a basic set of questions, and their responses automatically generate a plan. The questions will be backed up with ISO references as well as ‘Help’ documents written by Inverroy, easily trackable through dashboard feature and simple to use.

We built a UI/UX interactive mockup using Figma, which allowed Inverroy Digital to demo the platform to potential clients while it was being fully developed in the background. As a result, Inverroy Digital were able to test out their theories and mould the development of their product based on client feedback.

We advised on what would work best, and what would be overly complicated, and made the changes that Inverroy required in real time as the platform was being built, to ensure the end product met their vision.

The Results

The end result was a fully functioning platform which offers clients the capability to create their own bespoke, online resilience plans, designed by Inverroy but made possible by STC INSISO. We will provide continued support in resolving any potential bugs and liaise with the team regarding any future development.

Inverroy quickly gained one major international client for the platform, with several more interested clients in the pipeline.

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